30 July 2012

Wellness in the Cloud

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines wellness as follows:

Wellness: good health esp. as an actively sought goal.

At DGN Consulting Group, our focus is to help our clients Practice Wellness and to always improve their ability to care for their patients.  So, how do you practice wellness as a company?

It is our belief that the best way for our clients to practice wellness is through the use of great tools (practice management analytics, clinical health records, RCM, patient satisfaction, etc.) that can be leveraged through technology, and particularly those that live in the cloud.  We live in a time where everything can be accessed immediately.  Why should this be any different in healthcare?  Should doctors have to rely on dinosaur technology to provide their patients with the best care?

The first step to practicing wellness is having the best tools to run your practice, both administratively and clinically.

We spent a lot of time searching for the initial “must-have” to bring to our customers and are very excited to be working with CareCloud.  Their CEO, Albert Santalo has a vision that brings healthcare organizations into the 21st century and into, as he calls it, “a digital healthcare ecosystem for provider organizations.”  They are leaving the pre-historic age of EMR/EHRs in the dust.  Not only do you get the best platform and tools to access, but the CareCloud platform is accessible at any time in the cloud.  And to top it off, their customer service cannot be matched.  If there is a company that will lead the way towards collaborative practice management, CareCloud is the one.  It is our privilege to introduce them to you.

As a healthcare consulting company, DGN Consulting Group will continue to promote and partner with what we feel is the best technology for your practice or company to practice wellness.

I sincerely hope you join us on this journey.

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