20 August 2012

Patient Portal – Saving Time for Your Patients and Staff

Think OpenTable.  Think Travelocity.  Think Amazon.

What do all of these online companies have in common?  Convenience.

As we live in this technology-filled world, we have become more accustomed to being able to reserve, book, or purchase anything we want online.  Why should patients have it any different?

We have all been there.  Making the phone call to make an appointment with our doctor only to be told that “this time” and “that time” are not good, but maybe a month from now might work.  How frustrating.  Then, when you finally get in to see the doctor, you have to sit there and fill out all sorts of paperwork and wait, and wait….  How frustrating.  The chief complaints that we hear from practices all over the country are both the wait-times and the challenge to even get in to see a physician.

This Fall, CareCloud’s practice management platform will make it extremely easy for patients to do the following:

  • Make an appointment online – Patients can log into a secure portal and see what’s available with their doctor and schedule a time.
  • Fill out forms online – Instead of having to search for your insurance card in the waiting room of the practice, fill out these forms ahead of time at home.  You will be amazed at how quickly this speeds up the entire doctor visit experience.
  • Receive test results – all shared with patients in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment.
  • Send messages – Communicate with your practice online instead of waiting on the phone and trying to find the right person.

This convenience not only saves the patients time and reduces frustration, but it helps the practice save time and avoid frustration.

Let us show you why so many people are switching to the cloud, CareCloud.

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